At the end of the day of hiking the sun was shining brilliantly on Mt. Baker in the north. This was shot from the summit of Mt. Pilchuck.
Watching as the moon was setting over this cornfield in Arlington WA. Enjoying the last of the morning fog as the sun lights the cornstalks.
After climbing the 4000 feet to the top of Mt. Dickerman, I was rewarded with this view of blooming heather and the sound of a million bees!
Sunset from Summit of Mt. Dickerman. Scene is looking west toward Puget Sound. After the long climb to the top I was rewarded by this gorgeous sunset. Mt. Pilchuck is in the middle of the frame.
The sun shines down on Manastash Ridge as the first fruits of the summer begin to be offered and the grapes are beginning to mature.
I shot this on an afternoon walk with my grandchildren. We walked down to the little creek to see where the salmon spawn. The day was crisp, but it was still on the path under the trees.
Floral Meadow at the summit of Mt. Dickerman
Sunlight Streams through the trees, evoking a warmth and encouragement of being.
As the sun was rising in the west, I'm headed north on Highway 9 out of clearview, headed to Snohomish. I stopped to shoot the sunrise, but was captivated by the mist burning off at the base of the hill below the poplars.
Driving over Manastash Ridge and we had just had a fresh dusting of early snow. The foliage and texture of the land is highlighted by the fresh snow. I love the combination of the fresh snow and the expansive sky.
Driving through Western Montana between Great Falls and Helena, I was in the passenger seat as we crossed the Missouri River. The timing of the leaves and the light was just perfect. Shot at 70 MPH hanging out the car window!
Montana Collection
Montana Collection
The sun was setting fast as I made my ascent to the summit of Mt. Pilchuck in Snohomish County. I was on the way up to spend the night for some night photography and I ended up with this great "blue hour" shot of Mt. Baker as the sun was going down
On the hike to Wallace Falls in Gold Bar Washington there is a spot where you can occasionally get a glimpse of the Olympic Mountains. There is close to 100 miles of distance between the points so most of the time, there is only a potential view. On this day the sun was going down as I was hiking later in the day and the silhouette of the range was framed by the Skykomish / Snohomish river valley that lays immediately in front of this point.
On the way to meet some friends for breakfast one friday morning, the sun coming up created a beautiful red sunrise. There were fires in Canada and the smoke was coming into Snohomish County over the Cascade mountains. The smoke from these fires is what created this terrific red and yellow sunrise. Mt. Pilchuck sits in the middle
After climbing the 4000 feet to the summit of Mt. Dickerman, I was treated to the crescent moon above Mt. Pilchuck as the sun was setting.
Shot from Rattlesnake Ledge looking out over the Snoqualmie Valley. One man sits alone on the ledge.
The sun rising over the Cascades created a spectacular red/orange sunrise. Bad weather on the way, but with this lovely starter, who cares?
Shot from the summit of Mt. Dickerman, This other hiker had made the roughly 4000 foot climb to enjoy the priceless view and the space to reflect on the journey.
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Summit of Mt. Dickerman shrouded in mist
Watching as the sun rises over the Cascades. Three fingers is on the left and Mt. Pilchuck is on the right. The clouds are clearing, it's going to be a great day!
The Wenatchee River flows east out of Lake Wenatchee and moves swiftly through this passage before arriving at Leavenworth. This particular afternoon the mist over the far end of the river was magical

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